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  • 参须益气汤

Ginseng Roots Energy Boosting Herbal Soup Mix 参须益气药材汤料包

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Ships to Malaysia & Singapore
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Authentic products, ships out within 1-2 business days

Experience Nature's Power with our Ginseng Roots Qi-Boosting Soup - a fusion of traditional ingredients that cool your body, enhance mental energy, and strengthen your Qi!

Our recipe boasts ginseng roots, goji wolfberries, red dates, asiabell root, solomon's seal, Chinese yam, and radix astragali - each handpicked for their natural benefits.

Preserve quality in the fridge. Each packet serves 3 people, 2 meals. Add meat or go veg with mushrooms or corn, simmer 1-2 hours, season with salt.

Elevate your health, clarity, and coolness naturally. Taste the transformation with our Ginseng Roots Herbal Soup. Don't miss out!