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  • 四物补血汤

Si Wu Herbal Soup Mix 四物药材汤料包

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Ships to Malaysia & Singapore
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Authentic products, ships out within 1-2 business days

Discover the power of traditional Chinese medicine with our Four Substances Blood-Boosting Soup packet. This blend of angelica root (dang gui), white peony root (bai shao), rehmannia root (di huang), and ligusticum wallichi root (chuan xiong) has a long history of enhancing women's health, regulating menstruation, and addressing gynecological concerns.

Four Substances Blood-Boosting Soup is both a natural and safe option, offering a holistic approach. It eases stress, fatigue, and sleep issues, bringing comprehensive well-being.

Why wait? Embrace this traditional remedy, experience the change.

Relish the benefits easily! Each packet serves 3 for 2 meals, perfect for families or small groups. Just prep meat or veggies, clean the herbs, simmer in a pot for 1-2 hours, add salt, and enjoy the nutritious delight. Bring traditional healing to your home with our herbal soup packets.