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  • 人参丸

Pure Ginseng Powder 纯人参粉

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Herbs for Better Health, Naturally! With our herbs, you'll get the natural boost your body needs, helping you to feel better, healthier and happier.

We help you grind the herbs into fine powder once you have placed an order and ship out to you. We also provide encapsulation services, where we can help you fill capsules if you requested for it.

Our ginseng powder are made by grinding "Chidi" ginseng into ultrafine powder.

These are the type of ginseng that were missed out in the ginseng garden during the harvesting or transplanting process. It was then discovered after several years of natural growth in the old ginseng field that had been abandoned for many years. Such an environment is very similar to the growth environment of wild ginseng. Thus, this type of ginseng can already be considered as half-wild ginseng.

🌿 It has the functions of replenishing vitality, nourishing internal organs, promoting metabolism, eliminating fatigue and enhancing immunity.

If you have special physical problems, please consult a Chinese medicine practitioner before taking it.

It is advisable to eat three light meals the day before taking ginseng. Avoid radish, tea, fatty and fried food for one day after taking ginseng.



🌿 它具有补元气、滋养五脏六腑、促进新陈代谢、消除疲劳及增强免疫力等功能。




2 years expiry. Store in a refrigerator to achieve fresh-keeping effect, avoid exposure to the sun.



Take 2 capsules in the morning and another 2 in the evening, taking before or after meals are both fine. (Capsules)

Take 1 teaspoon in the morning and another 1 in the evening, taking before or after meals are both fine. (Powder)

每日早上服用2颗,傍晚再2颗,饭前饭后服用皆宜 (胶囊)。



It is suitable for those who are weak, pale face, those with insufficient Qi and blood, those with shortness of breath, those with anemia, and those with neurasthenia.



Not suitable for people who gets heaty easily. It is not suitable to take when you have a cold and fever. Avoid taking ginseng if you have dry throat. Avoid radish, tea, fatty and fried food for one day after taking ginseng.



Disclaimer: This product is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The effects of this product are based on traditional Chinese medicine books for product promotion purposes. The actual effects of the product will vary depending on the individual's physique.

  • Ginseng is sweet in taste, slightly bitter, and slightly warm in nature. It has the effects of invigorating Qi and solidifying, invigorating the spleen and lungs, calming the mind and improving intelligence, nourishing blood and promoting body fluid.
  • Ginseng is mainly used to treat severe illness, chronic illness, blood loss, and dehydration caused by loss of vitality, fatigue and weak pulse; loss of appetite, fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea; Frequent dreams, palpitations, forgetfulness, physical weakness and hyperhidrosis; thirst due to fluid deficiency; chlorosis and dizziness due to blood deficiency; impotence due to kidney deficiency, frequent urination, exogenous pathogenic factors caused by qi deficiency.


  • 人参味甘、微苦,性微温。具有补气固脱,健脾益肺,宁心益智,养血生津的功效。
  • 人参主治大病、久病、失血、脱液所致元气欲脱,神疲脉微;脾气不足之食少倦怠,呕吐泄泻;肺气虚弱之气短喘促,咳嗽无力;心气虚衰之失眠多梦,惊悸健忘,体虚多汗;津亏之口渴,消渴;血虚之萎黄,眩晕;肾虚阳萎,尿频,气虚外感。
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